Shaun George Bike Routes

Elevation Gain: 635m
Distance: 62.3kms
Ride time: 4-5 hours
Route profile: Rolling
Road quality: Smooth tarmac
Traffic Level: Moderate. Traffic levels increase in Bangalore on the way back. 
Muninagara – Elevation and Route Profile

Strava Route

A calm and serene route once you get off the bustling Bannerghatta road with newly laid tarmac and gradual curves, good descent, minimal traffic and greenery on either side.

Serene, Rolling Tarmac. A perfect South Bangalore experience.

I cannot think of a better road test for the performance of your road bike. At the deviation towards Thattaguppe, you have quiet and lazy village roads covered with a green canopy where you see some friendly villagers waving at you as you go till the Muninagara lake.

On the way back, you can take a deviation towards Anjanapura to avoid Bannerghatta road altogether. The roads are slightly bad at some stretches, but it beats riding through the traffic on Bannerghatta road any day.

The route is scenic and rolling throughout. Watch out for occasional movement of heavy transport vehicles.

Note: Start early to avoid the heat and traffic. Stay well hydrated during the ride. Wear a helmet and ride safe.

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