I am from a town on the outskirts of Kolkata City. Mechanical Engineering is what I pursued after schooling and then transitioned into working as a production engineer in the Metal and Manufacturing Industries. later on I switched to design in the same industry.

Soumya Chatterjee - bike mechanic at bumsonthesaddle
Soumya on the podium at a local downhill race

After quitting my job as an engineer, I began to focus on my passion for riding bicycles. Exploring the countryside, riding new trails and working part-time on bikes is what I keenly enjoyed.

My first very bike was a trusty Hero Swing, that’s when I realized that Mountain Biking was my calling. Everything about riding my bike on varying terrain, over obstacles, and through tight gaps is something that brings me immense joy. It’s very satisfying to be able to improve on my riding skills with continuous practice. Years later I bought a re-branded full suspension bike. It’s something I wanted for the longest time ever. I bought many components for the bike to eventually be able to switch frames to a custom high-end full-suspension bike.

That dream came true as I finally got my hands on a Scott Ransom. It’s the only Ransom in India with a custom color scheme that I painted myself. It’s been performing terrifically over the years and has taken me places I could only dream of. All the parts I had collected over the years were put onto this bike, making it a one-off, custom Ransom.

Better known as Hill Storm for a reason!

After further diving into the world of cycling, I worked along with some of the best bike mechanics in the country and learned from them. I now have a Shimano Di2 certification as well as a Rohloff Hub qualification certificate. I am a suspension specialist too. I’ve worked on well over a hundred suspensions over the span of my career. Including both basic and high-end suspensions. I’ve worked on multiple high-end bikes such as the – Canyon CF SLX, S-works Tarmac, S-Works SHIV Di2, S-Works Venge Vias Di2 and even the S-Works Stumpjumper 2019. I’ve worked on multiple TT bikes in my time too.

I began life at BUMSONTHESADDLE as a customer and then absorbed myself into the company for my love of cycles. I love sharing my passion and building opportunities to get more people on bikes. It’s truly amazing to be amidst bikes, work on bikes and talk about bikes all day long – with riders, new cyclists, and colleagues. I’ve learned a lot working here and it’s been a lovely experience.

I’ve ridden in many places in the North-East and even here, in and around the southern state of Karnataka.

I’m the go-to guy for anything related to the service and repair of bikes, bike components and especially suspensions in India. Working as a Bike Mechanic at BUMSONTHESADDLE allows me to work on some of the best bikes in the country.

Our mission is to get everyone excited about riding bikes. To build spaces and seed communities to share our passion every single day and not wait for weekends to dabble in it.

Yes. BUMSONTHESADDLE is not a simple day job. Passion is hard work maybe, but a great ride for sure.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to put people on bikes, wishes to make a difference and are consumed by the bicycling industry, welcome home! We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email – jobs@bumsonthesaddle.com

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