Balakrishna Bhat Bike Routes, Events

Elevation Gain:646m
Distance: 66.21km
Ride time: 3-4 hours
Route profile: Flats
Road quality: Smooth tarmac
Traffic Level: Moderate. Traffic free scenic route on the return too.
Hesarghatta – Elevation and Route Profile

Strava RouteHesarghatta

One of the flattest routes in our list with an elevation gain of less than 700m. This route will take you through the centre of the city in the early hours where you can see people coming out for an early morning game of golf at the gold course.

Past that, you will encounter some early morning traffic till the Jalahalli air force station, after that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing till the edge of the lake. You’ll see plantains and vineyards on either side with smooth tarmac to ride your bike on. There will be a little bit of off-road trail riding once you reach the reservoir, but nothing your road bikes can’t handle. This is a go-to destination for most of north Bangalore riders.

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