Elevation Gain: 616m
Distance: 51.41km
Ride time: 3 hours
Route profile: Primarily descents
Road quality: Smooth tarmac; 1.2 kms of rough patch
Traffic Level: Low
TK Falls – Elevation and Route Profile

Strava RouteTK Falls

TK falls or Thottikallu falls are on the same route as Muninagara dam for the most part. The only difference is that you need to turn right just before Thattaguppe where there’s a small scribble on a wall that shows the direction towards the falls.

Of course, this is after the fast downhill roads that we know and have come to enjoy when we talked about the Muninagara dam. Once you take the turn off the highway, take the first right that comes your way to enjoy the beautiful back roads with farmlands on one side and forest on the other side which leads to the backside of TK falls that is frequented only by cyclists. There is also a very small stretch of gravel road to hone your off-road skills.

Once you reach the steps that lead to the other side of the falls, you can also find a small opening on the right side that will lead you to a stream. (Recommended only for MTBs and people walking without road cleats) Then, put your bikes on your shoulders and walk to the other side of the canal (this is the main road to the falls) and make your way back towards the road you came by. On the way back, you can also make a stop by the Gulakamale lake for some photo sessions.

Keep your eyes peeled for peacocks and crow pheasants which are aplenty here. Afterward, it’s an uphill climb towards Bannerghatta road where you may take a deviation towards Anjanapura to avoid the traffic on the main road and race with some village kids on their single speeds. Don’t underestimate them, they’ll give you a good run for your money!

Note: Start early to avoid the heat and traffic. Stay well hydrated during the ride. Wear a helmet and ride safe.

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