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Distance: 50km
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Elevation Gain: 696m
Ride Time: 2 – 3 hours
Route Profile: Rolling
Road Quality: Good roads mostly, odd patch of broken road
Traffic Level: Highways have traffic, the inside roads are peaceful

The Pipeline Staircase Surprise is one of my all-time favorite routes and has become a go-to route for me for many weekend rides. The route has everything that you need for a great ride. Great views, check. Quiet roads, check. Difficult terrain also checks.

The Pipeline road offers the perfect mix of difficult and easy riding, which is great if you are looking for more than just a weekend stroll. Feel free to take a wrong turn on the main road (after the pipeline section); these lead to village roads which are even quieter and prettier. A great place to explore on your bike, if that’s your thing.

While you are hurting on the uphills, you sure are enjoying the downhills and soaking in the view. I’ve done these climbs a fair few times, and every time that I do them, I know that it’s going to hurt before it even starts. The way forward on the route is downhill(mostly) and you can coast quite a bit. But, after you turn around, you’ll have two different kinds of climbs to deal with. A steady, drawn-out one to start with, and brutally steep kickers on the pipeline road itself. The only thing to remember on the climbs is – Do. Not. Stop. And, with that piece of advice, you’re on your way.

A nice video shot by Gautham Venkatesh on this ride.

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