Strava Route Link:

Distance: 13KM
Route Start Point: Nagarbhavi Circle
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Elevation Gain: 136m
Ride Time: 40-60 Minutes
Route Profile: Rolling
Road Quality: Smooth Tarmac
Traffic Level: Moderate

If you stay in West Bangalore, Bangalore University is one of the best places to go cycling – fantastic roads, tree cover, rolling terrain, minimal traffic, places to take a break and stretch and even small shops to get a coconut or two to hydrate yourself.  Kick off your ride before 6AM as the traffic levels are quite low and the heat is easier to manage. You also see plenty of runners in the area and it’s quite motivational to see all the fitness around you to push harder.

The route starts from Nagarbhavi Circle and heads towards National Law School, we ride inside Bangalore University, touch Mysore road, climb back into Bangalore Univesity and head back to the start point. The drop in temperature and the fresh air makes one feel like he/she is riding through a forest. Cool and Green as you can see in the pictures.

The roads start out fairly good and it only gets better thru the ride. A nice downhill followed by a steady climb (Gandhi Marg climb) warms up the muscles and gets one all warmed up for a good training ride. After the Gandhi Marg climb, the rider can recover on the flat roads inside the university.

If one was training to improve fitness or if one was trying to shed some weight, doing intervals on the Bangalore University main road is a great way to lose weight over a period of time.

One can also ride here just to enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Follow the Strava route and enjoy the greenery, fresh air, and the ride. The ride is peppered with university department buildings and you can take your favorite subject – Botany, Chemistry, Statistics, etc – to take a break and stretch those muscles to prevent injury.

If you are lucky, you might even spot a peacock!

Note: The area gets dark quite fast and we recommend not riding the route post 7PM. The road also remains closed post 8PM and is open to the public at 6:00 AM every morning.

Psst!! Keep an eye out for our ride leaders. They train on the same route on the weekdays.

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