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We’re nurturing our events page (bumsonthesaddle.com/events) to track and share all cycling events in Bangalore to ensure cyclists can easily find a ride of their choice. Keen to have an event listed and shared with the Bangalore Cycling community? Let us know!

A 100KM ride is always an exciting achievement – a massive leap for a first timer and a beer-worthy weekend ride for a regular.
We’re super excited about the BOTS Century Challenge – an effort to initiate new riders into the joys of endurance riding and to also create a ride opportunity for the rest of us who are comfortable belting out a blistering 100km on our bikes. We aim to have seasoned riders on rides, curated scenic routes and webinars and workshops to ensure hitting the distance is a reality.

The BOTS Century Challenge in November is on 26 Nov. Do check out event details and join us!

Sign up for our weekly ride updates via Whatsapp. All you need to do is send us a message via WhatsApp. Super simple.
South Bangalore: 88611 77008
North Bangalore: 78997 53343

Let’s ride!

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