With the famed Nandi Epic road race & the Tour of Nilgiris around the corner, we decided to team up with Bikey Venky (BVCoaching) to help riders kick off a structured training program (for next year) on their bikes and also answer questions folks have on training and racing at the upcoming road events!

The webinars were a phenomenal success with thousands of Indians accessing invaluable training advice from Bikey Venky. We’re definitely excited about the impact this has had on our audience and are looking forward to doing a lot more of this.

The 2 part webinar series discussed a range of training related topics:

  • Basics of structured training
  • Myths related to self-training
  • Modern-day technology to your benefit
  • Be your own power chef!

WEBINAR 1: Basic of Training

WEBINAR 2: Advanced Training Techniques

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