Everyone works at BumsOnTheSaddle cause they love bicycles – they love riding them, they love working on em, the simplicity, the beauty and the fact that they are so bloody amazing!

Like a few other’s, Murali loves to work on bicycles the whole day long! There are few things on this planet that are as satisfying as working on good bicycles and bringing them back to life and handing it back to happy bikers!

Welcome aboard Murali.

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As a child my mother used to scold me for every silly thing. But I liked to play around every time. I don’t like to stay at home all day, even after I finish my school.

So a day came, where I used my father’s bicycle to run away from my mother’s scolding. First day I got belted by my father. So I stopped cycling for 3 days. Again I followed the same plan to run away from my mother’s scolding. Again I got belted by my father. This became regular for me, but my father stopped belting me.

Now I am in a pool of cycling at BOTS. I seen plenty of people mad about cycling like me and I am very happy to work in BOTS. My goal is racing and I will cycle in entire my life.

Coming 2015 I need my Tarmac, then my dream will became true.

Cycle is my best friend in my life. It happened from my childhood and I like to continue my whole life with my best friend!


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Murali will be playing a “mech role” at BumsOnTheSaddle and will be responsible for ensuring your bike is in top notch condition to ensure you love your ride!

You can reach him at murali@bumsonthesaddle.com or say hi when you visit BumsOnTheSaddle.

Read more about working-at-bots and how our organization is structured. If you know anyone who might be interested in working with us, please do let us know.

The rest of the awesome BOTS team that we are super proud of

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