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Missionary wheels

Rohan Kini has experienced this boom first-hand. In 2006, this computer engineer began building a community of bikers in Bangalore, a city choking with traffic and pollution. The chaos and hold-ups on the roads led to the birth of the ‘cycle to work’ movement. “We started with the aim of promoting cycling in Bangalore. We were already cycling to work. So the goal was to talk about it, to give people an experience of it and provide them with technical know-how,” says Kini, who founded, an e-commerce site for bikes and accessories, alongside his job at ThoughtWorks, a software company.

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Well, the section on BOTS is kinda not too accurate. Not sure what got lost in translation! For some reason we are morphed into an e-commerce company in this article!

Either-ways – any publicity is good publicity! We are always happy to get a mention along with any cycling in India.


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