Prasad Erande landed at BumsOnTheSaddle after completed 7,500KMs from his 15,000KM bicycle ride across India!


This is his attempt at setting a Guinness record for the longest distance in the shorted time on a bicycle.

Started: from Pune on 22 JUNE
Total distance: 15,000KM
Completed: 7500KM
About 50 more days on the saddle.

He and his support crew have had quite a journey as seen on their digital camera. His goal is to meet Rahul Dravid in Bangalore!

milkha singhPrasad blessed by Milkha Singh enroute his journey

Journey till now: Maharashtra – Gujarat – Rajasthan – Delhi – Haryana – Punjab – UP – Madhya Pradesh – Andhra Pradesh – Karnataka (BOTS)

Next: Tamil Nadu – Hyderabad – Maharashtra – Chhattisgarh – West Bengal – Orissa – Andhra Pradesh – Tamil Nadu – Kerala – Goa – Pune 

Was definitely good talking to someone so passionate about his ride.

interviewVishnu talking to Prasad about his journey

Q & A with Vishnu

Q: What motivated you to cycle?
A: I was initially interested in fitness and then discovered cycling. I loved to ride my bike. My earlier bike was heavy but I could still ride it over long distances. With the new imported cycles, riding longer distances is so easy.

I searched the internet for “long race” and discovered the World Cycle Race ), decided to apply for it and was chosen.
And the journey begins.

world cycle race

Q: Why are you looking to set a Guinness record?
A: I always wanted to set a record. When I started cycling this became a possibility.
In 2 years I want to become an Indian champion and in 3 years I want to become a champion worldwide.
With a cycle anyone can become a champion.

Q: How are Indian roads?
A: U.P, M.P and Bihar have really bad roads. Everywhere else is great.

Q: Weather?
A: Gujarat and Rajasthan were really hot. I was burn black there. Well, actually I am already dark skinned (laughs)
Riding in rain is ok, but wind is the killer. It reduces overall speed and I am on a mission to finish this ride in time.

Q: What do you do apart from cycling?
A: At the moment, its only cycling.

Q: How do people around you support you?
A: Everyone is very supportive. My mother runs an eatery back home and helps me financially.
I also have solid support from my entire family – including my wife and 4 year old daughter.
I also have on-ride 4 member support team. They drive, I ride.

Q: How much are you spending on this? Are you sponsored?
A: I had initially budgeted about 5 lakhs. Two months on the road and it looks like I will need about 6 lakhs for the 15,000 KM journey.
This includes everything for me and my support team. I am spending all this money out of my pocket with the hope to land a good sponsorship deal once I set the Guinness record.
I am extremely positive about getting sponsorships once I set the first record and show the world!

Q: What’s your message?
A: I just wanted to break records when I started out. I did not start out with a message. My goal was to ride 200KM a day.
On the ride I met a reporter who said I should add a social message to get more ride support. He also recommended I stop and talk to people to let them know about my journey.

This made me think and change my initial plans. At the same time I wanted to support something that made sense to me.
I have a girl child and I ride a lot – these were my two major social messages!
– Dont kill a girl child
– Bike to the Future

1-IMG_2608 small

I ride so much. I’m sure folks everywhere can ride for atleast 1 hour a day and save petrol, money and get healthy at the same time!

Cycling can solve so many of the worlds problems.

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