BOTS Guides : How to choose a good bicycle light?

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Bike lights keep getting lighter and smaller while delivering brighter illumination for riding safety. When shopping for bike lights, you first need to ask yourself this: Do you want to see or be seen? Or both? This article will help you choose the right lighting for your cycling needs Types of Bike Lights Bicycle lights come in a variety of …

Recycled packaging for our online bike shop purchases

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Cardboard and Brown Paper A bike shop generates a phenomenal amount of waste – plastic, cardboard, zip-ties and other paraphernalia. Prem Kanth, our in-house e-commerce dude, decided to recycle this waste and re-use it for packing up orders from our online bike shop. The next time you tear open a parcel from us do notice how awesome the packaging is and enjoy the …

Online bike shop – quality bicycling spares and accessories at your doorstep

Rohan Kini BOTS News, E-commerce the online bike shop – front page showing awesome ParkTool tools for immediate purchase across India It’s been over a month since our previous communication about @bumsonthesaddle kicking off an e-commerce platform to ensure we can cater to cyclists across the country. Quite a few things have happened since then Credit card, Debit card and Netbanking options to pay. NEFT … – starting to tread towards online sales

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We just went live with the first cut of the BumsOnTheSaddle Online store – You cannot buy anything yet. It’s “Coming Soon” ;) At BumsOnTheSaddle we believe in being a Local Bike Shop – a fantastic creative space filled with awesome Bicycles, Bicycling, Passion and Community. Where we can celebrate cycling and inspire folks to get onto a bike …