Bicycle safety is one of the biggest concern that haunts the riders. The common practice that the riders follow is to lock up their bike when not around. But one has to understand the locks in general to make the best choice. This guide will help you in understanding different types of locks and the features that you need to look for when buying the bicycle lock.


Chain Locks: As the name goes, a chain lock is a metal chain that is wrapped in plastic or any other safety material to protect it from rusting and to avoid scratches on the frame. These locks are available in different lengths and thicknesses. These locks have a number based (combination) or Key-based locking system. These locks are very flexible and easy to carry when compared to the D Locks, but the D Locks are stronger than the chain locks.

D Locks: It is one of the strongest lock available in the market. These locks come in different weight and length, which are priced accordingly; Higher the price better the safety. These locks can be used to secure the objects like panniers, wheels etc by locking them to the frame. If the D lock has to be used to secure the frame, it has to be locked to a permanent structure like pole or pillar.

Cable Locks: Cable locks are built by intertwining the metal fibers and then are wrapped in a plastic tube to reduce the wear and tear. They come in both a number combination and key lock system as a locking method. They are lighter when compared to the D lock and chain lock but not as strong as them. Thin cable lock would be a good choice for a quick stop at the local glossary shop but if you are looking anything for longer duration then a thicker cable lock would be required.


Key locks: Key locks typically come with 2 keys, which means that you have a backup in case you lose one.
Combination locks: Combination locks are convenient as you don’t have to remember to carry the keys with you or be anxious about losing them, but you have to always remember the code.
Choice of the mechanism is depended on personal preference. If you are good at remembering things combination lock would be a good choice vice-versa.

The bike has to be always locked to a non-movable structure like a pole or a pillar, and it has to be locked in a place where there is high people movement so the people would notice if someone tries stealing the bike. Also, try looking for a place which has CCTV camera setup so that you have a record in case of any mishap.

There you go! Choosing the right lock helps a lot. Make sure you analyze the surroundings of the area you frequently visit and then choose the lock and place to lock accordingly.

Happy cycling!

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