Overview All moving mechanical components of your bike require timely maintenance and care. The same applies to the drivetrain components. Maintaining your chain well will not only give you a smooth riding experience but also enhance the longevity of your drivetrain components and save you quite a bit of money. For someone who has just […]

#BOTSPUNE is alive! Come be a part of the celebrations

7 years back I wanted to change bicycle retail as I did not agree with the way these beautiful life changing machines were doled out. Also, there was an opportunity to share the joy of cycling and build a culture of cycling all across India! And we did – BumsOnTheSaddle is a testament to this and I […]

All about Pedro’s – the complete bicycle care brand

About Pedro’s People across the world love Pedro’s for their customer focus, grassroots support and easy-going nature. Being extremely conscious of their environmental footprint, Pedro’s have focussed on churning out eco friendly products. The company is also focused on professional grade bike shop tools and uniquely positions itself as a complete bicycle care brand. Green […]