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  • All moving mechanical components of your bike require timely maintenance and care. The same applies to the drivetrain components. Maintaining your chain well will not only give you a smooth riding experience but also enhance the longevity of your drivetrain components and save you quite a bit of money.
  • For someone who has just picked up their first bike, the number of options and alternatives available at your local bike shop can leave you more confused and intimidated, instead of helping you pick the right choice based on your need.
Basic pre-requisites before applying chain lubricant
  1. Make sure the chain is clean and free of any muck/dirt/grime that would have collected on it during previous iterations of riding your bike.
  2. One could use a mild soap solution and brushes to clean the chain, however, using a degreaser makes the task much easier.

Pro Tip: “Don’t reach for the WD40! Our mechanics are always having to explain to customers why their well-lubed chainsets have gone rusty…

Choosing the best chain lubrication

The sort of weather, terrain, and kind of riding you’re doing will determine the sort of bike lubrication you should buy.

  • Wet weather/long-distance riding: Such weather conditions call for a lubricant that would not get washed off easily and would be able to withstand the elements of nature. A wet lubricant is a perfect solution for such cases. The disadvantage of this lubricant is that it tends to attract more dirt and grime on the chain and hence cleaning the chain before applying a new coating is a slightly bigger hassle. But then, a degreaser works magic in such cases!
  • Dirty conditions: Cyclists who encounter dusty and dirty weather conditions often could use a wax-based or self-cleaning lubricant. The advantage of these lubricants is that they minimize the accumulation of grime on the chain and in between the rollers in the chain due to their self-cleaning properties. However, one does need to apply these lubricants more frequently compared to the other varieties available.
  • Standard conditions: ‘All condition’ lube is fairly thin and fluid. It makes for a quicker running lubrication, that doesn’t attract as much dirt as the heavier lube, nor need to be applied as often as the dry lube.

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