About Pedro’s

People across the world love Pedro’s for their customer focus, grassroots support and easy-going nature. Being extremely conscious of their environmental footprint, Pedro’s have focussed on churning out eco friendly products. The company is also focused on professional grade bike shop tools and uniquely positions itself as a complete bicycle care brand.

Green and Clean!

total bike care

A little more about Pedro’s history –


clean and protect

Some fantastic products which clean and protect your bike

  • Pedro’s Green Fizz – bike wash
  • Pedro’s Bike Lust – bike polish
  • Pedro’s chain cleaners
  • Pedro’s brush kits
  • … and more


chain lubes

Pedro’s have a legendary bicycle lubricant lineup! Eco friendly as well as performant.

  • Pedro’s ChainJ – perfect all rounder (review)
  • Pedro’s Go – low viscosity for dry conditions
  • Pedro’s Ice Wax – wax based lube for dry conditions
  • Pedro’s Syn lube – worst riding conditions (review)

More product reviews


If you own a bike Pedro’s has a list of essentials that are absolutely top notch and at a great price point for the quality they bring to the table

  • Floor pumps (come try them out, absolutely great stuff)
  • The legendary Pedro’s tire levers
  • Quality multi tools for your ride
  • A great well stocked apprentice toolbox for DIY activities
  • The nifty Pedro’s beverage wrench



Although they have the goody-goody image they make some mean shop quality tools for your bike shop! They have pretty much everything you would need to run a professional bike shop and its one of the reasons we teamed up with Pedro’s to get them to India!

Do check out the entire lineup of Pedro’s tools currently available in India (link)

If you would like your local bike shop to stock up on Pedro’s please do ask them to get in touch with us –

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