We’ve come up with the Top 5 Bicycle Commuting Essentials for India which will help you stay safe, seen and comfortable while getting around on your bicycle.

Commuting via bicycle is one of the best ways to get around Indian Cities. They’re nimble, quick and can cut through the dreaded traffic jams on your typical rush-hour commute. Not to mention that they give you a good cardio workout which many working adults simply don’t have time for.

Indian Roads Are Some of the Most Challenging Environments to Commute!

However, there are things to keep in mind before you decide to commute on Indian streets, as there are several things from traffic, obstacles and general chaos to navigate through. Let’s take a look!


A helmet is the most important essential for any rider, let alone commuters. It is the first and last defence that cyclists have to keep safe during an accident or collision.

You Only Have 1 Head, Keep it Safe!

Just how 2-wheelers are required to wear helmets, we recommend you invest in a good quality helmet from a well-known brand. As there are many cheap helmets available in the market which might not meet regulatory norms.

For commuters we recommend a helmet with good overall protection on all sides, coupled with good ventilation to keep you cool while riding. That last thing you want is to be sweating profusely on your way to work!



We consider a good set of bicycle lights an essential accessory to ensure you stay visible and safe on your daily commutes. These let motorists know about cyclists on the road ahead and they also throw light on the road and highlight potholes and bad patches and keep the rider safe.

See and Be Seen While Riding on Dark Streets!

Since there are so many different kinds of lights to choose from, we’ve created a guide specifically for Commuter Lights to help you pick the right one for your riding needs.

But whatever light you choose, it is absolutely critical that you have a working set of lights while commuting, especially in the dark, as that is when most accidents take place due to poor visibility!



Being seen is important, but as we know in India, honking is everything, and given how quiet our cycles are on the road, it is absolutely crucial that other motorists are aware of our presence, even when they can see us.

Don’t Stay Silent, Make Yourself Known with the Hornit db140!

The conventional bicycle bell has been a tried and tested form of honking for cyclists since as long as cycling itself. but with the growing number of automobiles, these bells no longer stand a chance to loud electric horns.

That is why we recommend a bike horn such as the Hornit db140 bike horn, which offers trigger based honking as loud as 140 decibels! This is enough to compete with most standard vehicle horns and is sure to grab the attention of padestrians and motorists alike!


Riding a bicycle, especially for commuting, without a mudguard is almost like playing a game of Russian Roulette.

If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself riding through wet roads, or sewage (which is all too common in India) you’re tires are going to fling and spew that liquid all over your legs and back! Which I assure you is not going to win you any likeability contests!

A Mudguard Will Save You A Change of Clothes!

hence, we recommend you pick up a set of both front and rear mudguards to protect against any wet surfaces you might be faced to ride through. If installing both is not an option, we highly recommend putting a mudguard on at least your rear tire. As this is the most likely to get you dirty!

Check Out Our Article on AssSaver Mudguards!


If you’re commuting that means there is going to be a time when your bike is left unattended, either at your workplace or while out shopping. That is why it is absolutely critical to lock your bike, to prevent thieves from walking away from your expensive bike!

Keep your Bike Locked and Safe from Theives!

There are many kinds of locks ranging from chains, to cables to clamps, so how does one choose the right one? We’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of different bike locks to help you choose the right one for your locking needs.


There you have it! The Top 5 Bicycle Commuting Essentials for Indian Roads to keep their commutes safe and comfortable!

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