Have you been looking for an affordable, stylish and reusable N95 mask? The Aire N95 Protective Face Mask might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

We’ve been using the Aire Protective Face Mask N95 as our daily all-pupose mask for more than a month now and here’s what we think about it.


Aire Masks is an up and coming mask manufacturer based out of Auroville, Tamilnadu, started by owners Juan and Lola in 2015, who are originally from Spain. Since then, their mission has been to provide high-quality mask protection in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Their team comprises of individuals from all over the world and are a true representation of everything Auroville stands for.

Lola and Juan, Founders of Aire Masks in Auroville

Their products range from N95 to N99 certification and are among the most affordable and sustainable masks on the market in India.

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The Aire N95 Protective Face Mask is a simple, no-nonsense N95 mask which guards against air pollutants, bacteria and some common viruses.

Aire N95 Protective Face Mask (Black, Medium)

The Mask sports an N95 filter (certified by the Indian National Laboratory of the Ministry of Labour) along the inner lining. This certification means that users can rest assured that this mask will protect from harmful PM 2.5 pollution from Cars as well as airborne viruses such as COVID-19.

The Mask is also available in an N99 varient, which offers greater filtration capability, for those who are looing for something a little more solid.

The mask comes the following Sizes and Colours :

  • Beige, Medium
  • Beige, Large
  • Black, Medium
  • Black, Large


The Aire N95 Protective Face Mask uses a standard around the ear elastic ear bands to secure the mask onto the user’s face. These straps are adjustable and can be fitted to one’s preferred tightness.

The nose bridge has a distinct elevated nose design, which resembles that of a Rhinosorous’ Horn. Worry not, there isn’t a huge gap above the nose as one might think, as there is a nose-clip adjuster which seals the mask securely over the nose region.

Nose Grip on the Top Ensures a Tight Air-Tight Seal!

The mask works well for cycling, but it’s ear bound straps may cause some amount of discomfort during longer rides. For activities which do not require too much time and effort, this mask is better suited for the task.

The biggest flaw on the mask would be the adjustable ear loops on either side, as the excess elastic is left dangling, with no place to go. This has the unfortunate effect of allowing the mask to loosen with time, as there is no resistance holding the elastic in place.

Ear Loops Feature an Adjustable Dangling Strap

Also make sure to choose the appropriate size for your face, as the size differences are considerably noticeable. We’d recommend going for the larger size in case you are unsure about which size is best suited for you.


This is an advanced respiratory device with highly efficient filtering, FFP2, equivalent to N95, and microbicide performance. The filter is a composite of nanoparticles of 95%, as well as nano-fibre membranes in seven distinct layers. It acts as a physical barrier to air pollutant particles, bacteria, common viruses, moulds and pollen.

The mask does not feature a release valve, which means that all exhalations will be filtered out before being released. This is good for general wear as most places do not allow release-filtered masks as they enable transmission of viruses.

One might assume that this would result in foggy glasses while wearing, but the filtration is powerful if the mask is worn tight enough to form a secure seal around the mouth. The mask also features a nose grip adjuster, which prevents the fogging up of glasses, which is a problem all cyclists are far too familiar with.


The Aire N95 Protective Face Mask requires gentle care while cleaning. To do that soak the Mask for approximately 1 hour in soapy water at any temperature, followed by a quick dry it in the sun if possible.

Re-Usable Up To 60 Washes!

The filter can be sterilized by immersing the mask into boiled water (NOT Boiling), for 20 seconds.

The mask can survive up to 60 washes, after which the mask will need to be replaced altogether as the filter is permanently attached to the mask.


The Aire N95 Protective Face Mask has an extremely compelling entry-level price point compared to all other anti-pollution masks available in India. The filtration that it offers is significantly more compared to similar masks on the market, and the stitching and overall quality of the product is A Grade.

It’s reusability also makes it a far more affordable option in the long run, as other antipollution mask are one-time use only, and often cost the same per unit.


 ApplicationSports & Vehicular Pollution in city road and dust particles
 PM 2.5 particulatesTwo filter options. FFP2 / N95 Or FFP3/N99
 Active CarbonNo
 Product materialPolyester materials, internal bamboo fabric
 Filter replacementNo (Can be Sterilized)
 Mask WashableYes, care wash
 Adjustable systemElastic rubber adjustable


The Aire N95 Protective Face Mask is a good option for those looking for a simple, stylish and environmentally sustainable N95 mask. Its price makes it a compelling option in the sea of N95 masks available across different platforms.

The mask is not perfect, with design choices such as the elastic ear loops and it’s dangling straps not being the most refined. If that is something you don’t care about, then there is little else to criticise about the mask.

A Solid, Sustaianable, and Affordable N95 Mask from Aire!

The masks made locally in Auroville, Tamilnadu, and Aire ensures that all of their manufacturing and sourcing is done sustainably and responsibly.

Therefore, if you really want to get your hands on the best high-filtration masks for sports and lifestyle use, while remaining environmentally conscious, Aire Masks are the products for you!

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