Have you ever found yourself dissatisfied with your cycling pollution mask? Either they don’t fit well and make for an uncomfortable ride or they don’t offer the best protection from pollution and other airborne viruses. If this sounds familiar, then the Aire Mask Protective Bandana N95 is just the product for you.

We’ve been using the Aire Mask Protective Bandana N95 as our daily commuter mask for more than a month now and here’s what we think about it.


Aire Masks is an up and coming mask manufacturer based out of Auroville, Tamilnadu, started by owners Juan and Lola in 2015, who are originally from Spain. Since then, their mission has been to provide high-quality mask protection in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Their team comprises of individuals from all over the world and are a true representation of everything Auroville stands for.

Lola and Juan, Founders of Aire Masks in Auroville

Their products range from N95 to N99 certification and are among the most affordable and sustainable masks on the market in India.


The Aire Mask Protective Bandana N95 is the latest in Aire’s line of N95 mask, focusing on delivering an all-round workout mask, fit for any environment or task. Its wrap-around design makes it extremely versatile, offering multiple wearing options to the user and also features an N95/FFP2 filter along the front of the mask.

The Aire Protective Bandana Can Cover your Entire Face!


The Aire Protective Bandana is truly one of the best fitting N95 masks for cycling. Its wrap-around bandana design allows for a secure fit across the face, which in turn, offers great air filtration capabilities.

Unlike traditional masks with ear loops or elastic straps, this mask does not result in the typical earache which most of us experience after wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time. Its ability to completely cover most of the face and neck doubles as protection from the dirt and the sun.

Can Be Worn in a Countless Number of Ways!

The elastic synthetic material which makes up the body of the mask is quite snug while remaining flexible meaning that it should comfortably fit most faces. Despite being made out of a synthetic material, the mask does not get too hot when exposed to direct sunlight and maintains commendable breathability in the non-resporatory regions of the mask.

The Bandana is not limited to just being a mask, it can double up as everything from a neck warmer, all the way up to a scrunchie for individuals with long hair.


The Bandana sports an N95 filter (certified by the Indian National Laboratory of the Ministry of Labour) along the inner lining, which is already unlike any other cycling bandanas on the market. This certification means that cyclists can rest assured that this Bandana will protect from harmful PM 2.5 pollution from Cars as well as airborne viruses such as COVID-19.

Filter Along the Inner Part of the Bandana

The filtration is powerful, with the mask tight enough to form a secure seal around the mouth. The mask also features a nose grip adjuster, which prevents the fogging up of glasses, which is a problem all cyclists are far too familiar with.

The N95 Filter Can Stop PM 2.5 Particles and Airborne Viruses

During our month long use of the product, we never encountered much of a problem in this regard.


The N95 Bandana requires gentle care while cleaning. To do that soak the Bandana for approximately 1 hour in soapy water at any temperature, followed by a quick dry it in the sun if possible.

Make sure you do not rub the filter. However, you can rub the cloth part if you wish.

The life of the mask is about 60 washes, which is pretty great for a re-usable mask. This should easily last a good 3 to 4 months before needing a replacement.

The entire process is quite straightforward and is not cumbersome like other masks with the same protection rating.


The Aire Protective Bandana starts at Rs. 350/- and is an extremely compelling product given its price point. The filtration that it offers is significantly more compared to similar bandana’s on the market, and the stitching and overall quality of the product is A Grade.

You won’t find this mask falling apart anytime soon, and that’s a guarantee! It’s reusability also makes it a far more affordable option in the long run, as other antipollution masks for cycling are one-time use only, and often cost the same per unit.


  • Uni-size for adults: 30 x 23 com
  • N95/FFP2 filter system tested and approved by the Indian National Laboratory of Ministry of Labor.
    • Filters polluted air particles, dust and bacteria
    • 95% of airborne particles are stopped and caught in the filter
  • The Synthetic Fabric Dries Fast
    • Contains an Active Carbon Layer (ACF): protection against ultrafine particles and odours
  • Protects from the Sun
  • Lifetime of the Filter: 60 hand washes


There simply isn’t anything like it. The Aire Mask N95 Bandana is the solution cyclists have been waiting for. Its full-face protection and N95 filtration, not only keeps our lungs safe, but keeps our faces clear of dirt, and our necks safe from the Sun.

If the technical stuff didn’t convince you, this mask is also by far the coolest and most badass mask we’ve had at BUMSONTHESADDLE! So go on and grab yours now!

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