Look is a French manufacturer of high-end bicycle frames, equipment, and apparel – established in Nevers, France in 1951, Look was originally a ski equipment manufacturer.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Look really had their big break when they introduced a clipless pedal for cycling based on equipment for ski bindings. A spring-loaded latch on the top of the pedal held a cleat that was bolted to the sole of a shoe, a twist of the foot releasing the hold. They are called pédales automatiques (automatic pedals in French). In 1985 Bernard Hinault used them to win the Tour de France. The clipless system was said to be safer and more comfortable than toe-clips. By 2000 the pedal was in widespread use on road bikes (“racing” bikes), track bikes, and mountain bikes, especially among experienced riders.

Look PP65
LOOK PP65 – The first clipless pedals

A year later, in 1986, Look went on to develop the world’s first carbon bicycle frame – the KG 86. It was built entirely by hand, Kevlar was used along with carbon to bring more stiffness and improve the handling of the bike. In more recent years, LOOK has primarily been focusing on their bicycles and pedal systems. In this post we’re going to focus on LOOK’s pedals – there are primarily only 3 models available at the moment in India, but more are expected to come soon.


LOOK X-TRACK EN-RAGE MTB – The X-Track En-Range has primarily been designed for trail and enduro riding. The En-Rage uses a Shimano SPD-compatible mechanism, allowing you to use the supplied Look cleats, Shimano cleats or SPD-compatible cleats from other brands. The mechanism is tough, versatile and sheds mud easily.

The forged aluminum body is designed to resist the extreme conditions of trail riding. The 545 mm² contact area is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable width that offers security but also a surface contact-to-weight ratio which remains unparalleled on the MTB pedal market.


Body materialAluminum
Platform area545 mm²
Platform width63 mm
Keo Blade Carbon

LOOK KEO BLADE CARBON ROAD – Boasting both a carbon body and carbon blade, the Keo Blade Carbon pedal is the ultimate road pedal. The Blade has a Chromoly axle and stainless steel bearings for extreme reliability. Beyond its weight, its power-to-weight ratio is the best in class on the market today.

The distance between the roller and needle bearings having been increased by 25% in the new Keo Blade Carbon – increasing rigidity and power transfer. Look also claims that its new axle design allows a gain of about 2 watts at 100rpm. Not something you may feel on the everyday ride but definitely helps in a race. The Keo Blade is also available in CERAMIC and CERAMIC Ti versions.


Body materialCarbon
Platform area700 mm²
Platform width67 mm

Look is world-renowned for the best performance pedals out currently in the market. They’re on the pricier side than compared to some other pedal manufacturers but then again, you get what you pay for. Super light, stiff and incredibly durable pedals are Look’s specialty.

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