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Fueled by the need to create durable and reliable mountain-bike specific equipment, Wilderness Trail Bikes was born. Wilderness Trail Bikes better known as WTB is a privately owned company based in Marin County, California, USA and was founded in 1982. Even today WTB sources and sells its product worldwide supplying bike manufacturers and bike shops with components including tires, saddles, rims, and grips.

Whether referring to bike parts or places to ride, the WTB philosophy is to ‘make it better.’ Most of the company’s products are sold to cycling companies as original equipment for new bicycles, but items can also be found online and in stores all over the world – from small specialty shops to big bike shops. Aside from the actual goods, Wilderness Trail Bikes is also involved with bicycle racing in the form of Team WTB. Team WTB is a small group of dedicated athletes who race locally and internationally, primarily in Enduro and XC racing formats.

A list of some of WTB’s early innovations

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