The Triathlon fever has rapidly spread amongst Indian athletes and it’s great to see our riders enthusiastically taking their training to the next level to participate in local and international events.

Triathlon events are gaining popularity in India with good levels of participation and we’re stoked to see over 15 tri events on the 2020 calendar as of now. We will be keeping this post updated as we discover more tri events that we think you should know about.

Check out our post – Introduction to the Sport of Triathlon – to understand the basics of this exciting endurance sport that’s growing steadily in India.

India saw its first-ever Ironman Triathlon, a 70.3 km event by the Ironman brand of The World Triathlon Corporation last year in October. Triathlons such as these provide aspiring athletes the opportunity to test their endurance levels against global levels and also draw world-class athletes to Indian shores.


Tiger Man Triathlon (Nagpur, Maharashtra)

Marketed as central India’s Biggest Triathlon Event the Tiger Man Triathlon, as the name suggests, aims at promoting tiger awareness and Tiger Conservation.

Ironminds Triathlon 2020 (Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh)

Athletes will be swimming in the fresh waters of river Krishna and riding on a completely flat course. The running leg of the event is also on a flat piece of land.

International Triathlon Championship – 2020 (Gandhinagar, Gujrat)

Driven by Team Amdavad Crankmeisters, we expect some of the top athletes in the country to compete in the International Triathlon Championship taking place in Gandhinagar this year. The event will feature Sprint, Olympic and Half Iron distances. Additionally, there will be Dulathon categories as well.

Delhi International Triathlon 2020 (Delhi)

The Delhi International Triathlon is back again with yet another edition. This time there are 5 category events – Sprint, Olympic-Duathlon, Olympic-Triathlon, Half Ironman, and a Full Ironman.

TriStar Triathlon (Bijoli Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh)

The TriStar Triathlon in Bijoli features an open-water swim. Apart from the triathlons, there will be 20k, 10k and 5k runs.

The HercUlean Triathlon (Konark, Odisha)

The HercUlean Triathlon is the 1st edition which is being Organized by Team TABONO SPORTS.

India Challenger 70.3 (Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra)

The India Challenger Triathlon will feature 7 different events.

  • Half Triathlon 70.3
  • Olympic Triathlon
  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Beginner Triathlon
  • Sprint Duathlon
  • Olympic Duathlon
  • Beginner Duathlon

Mumbai Triathlete 2020 (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

This will be the 3rd edition of the Mumbai Triathlete Triathlon. It’s a first of its kind event where there’s more than just the usual triathlon events. The Mumbai Triathlete will be comprised of 3 different events & 4 stages – Swimming, Running, Rifle Shooting followed by Running.

Trichy Triathlon (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

The Trichy Triathlon is quite a well-anticipated event. It will feature Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon events.

Ultimate Triathlon 2020 (Kangra, Himachal Pradesh)

After successfully organizing Kangra X-Country & Shivalik Ultra Run for the last 3 seasons, Ultimate Survival Campsite introduces Ultimate Triathlon-the very first iron-distance, open water triathlon in Himachal Pradesh.

TAD Bengaluru 2020 (Triathlon Aquathlon Duathlon) (Bangalore, Karnataka)

A well-established event, TAD Bangalore 2020 will feature multiple events and even beginner events that are non-competitive.

TRI-IT Deccan Triathlon DU-IT Deccan Duathlon 2020 (Kolhapur, Maharashtra)

Another one of the limited number of Open Water Triathlons held in India. The TRI-IT will feature Time Chip technology that will ensure that every rider’s timing is recorded accurately.

8-Aug-2020 BMF Triathlon 2020 (Vatadhahosahalli Lake-Gudibande, Karnataka)

The Second Edition of the BMF Triathlon will be an open water swim in the lake. 


  1. Open Men
  2. Open Women
  3. Masters (40yrs and above) 

Race start: 7:30am
Competition: Olympic distance
Category: Individual and team of three relay

There you go! The top tri events across India to keep an eye out for and to also sync up your training schedules and travel.

Remember, we plan to keep this updated as we hear of more exciting tri events in India. If you know of any missing event that you think deserves to be on this list – do let us know!

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