If you’ve been looking out for a road bike or a triathlon-specific bike then it’s very likely that you’ve come across the name “Felt”. They’re an American bicycle brand based in Irvine, California. Felt produces road, mountain, track, cyclocross, electric bicycles, and cruiser bikes. The manufacturer is most famed for its lineup of TT/Triathlon bikes that are super popular amongst the world’s top athletes, so if you’re into watching sports like biking or football you can even do some gambling on these games if you go to sites online like slot online indonesia which is a great option for this.


Felt has always been a company that has focused on speed. To achieve that, they’ve done a lot of research and testing to bring out the best innovations and technology in the market to provide the rider with the best possible bike.

Felt founder, Jim Felt, started building triathlon bikes for some of the sport’s biggest athletes in the 1980s and launched the Felt brand to the public market in 1994. Since then, the American company has been, innovating across road, time-trial, and even mountain bike platforms.

There aren’t a lot of high-end bicycle manufacturers quite like Felt these days. Today, Felt utilizes carbon to produce one of the most aerodynamic time trial/triathlon bicycles ever created. Plus, their innovative tech such as the Equilink suspension design keeps their full-suspension bikes flying up the mountain ahead of the pack.

Felt also has an all-star team of riders racking up victories in all kinds of races from the local cyclocross series to road racing, Felt’s awesome innovations will continue to stay one step ahead.

Felt’s motto is: To design, develop, and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.


Instead of wind tunnel tested as most manufacturers do, Felt aero bikes are wind tunnel developed. At felt, prototype bikes are brought to the wind tunnel after which, changes are made and then going back and refining the design before the carbon fiber molds are ever cut. Enjoy hours of fun playing togel singapore on this website and win.

There is a big difference between sticking a finished bike in the wind tunnel and blowing air at it, versus making multiple changes and then finalizing the design. When molds are finally made, prototypes are built and delivered to Felt’s core family of key testers. This includes both sponsored athletes such as two-time Olympian Sarah Hammer, Olympic time trial gold medalist Kristin Armstrong, as well as Felt’s many other athletes.


TeXtreme a registered trademark of Swedish Company, Oxeon AB, and has been adopted by Felt who first tested it on a new 29er mountain bike. Textreme has since been used in Felt bicycle frames. Textreme has also ben used in Formula 1 for several years to reduce the weight and improve the performance of key parts.

Textreme carbon fabric consists of flat tapes instead of yarns of fiber so more fibres are packed into a given area, meaning more fibre and less resin for a lighter and stiffer lay-up. Felt, thanks to this, has been able to produce 20%-30% lighter components than with their conventional carbon fibers whilst getting improved mechanical properties and superior surface smoothness by using Textreme’s thin tapes to weave the carbon sheets.


Felt’s carbon fiber manufacturing techniques offer an unmatched combination of ride compliance, stiffness, strength, and efficiency. With its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio and malleability, carbon fiber is second to none for building the world’s best bicycles.

At felt, nothing is rushed – the introduction of a new Felt bicycle comes at the conclusion of a long, thoughtful, and rigorous process. “Our goal is to produce the best bicycle possible, regardless of how long it takes.”


Full suspension bike designs have offered manufacturers with a lot of flexibility in terms of design but Felt has taken it one step further with their proprietary linkage designs – FAST® and Equilink®.

Felt's Equilink suspension linkage

Many companies use existing suspension platforms which are simply incorporated into a predetermined main frame. The problem with this is that while the suspension may work in theory, but not necessarily optimized for that particular frame in the real world. The only way to design superior bikes is to start from the ground up and design every aspect of the bike, including its suspension platform. 


1. FELT IA10

The IA, short for ‘Integrated Aero,’ has been the flagship tri bike series for Felt. The IA 10 brings all the aerodynamics of the IA frame with the ergonomics of the proven Felt Bayonet steering system.

The Felt Performance carbon fiber frame combined with the Bayonet 3 base bar provides the perfect race rig for triathletes looking for the complete race-bike package. Shimano Ultegra Di2 and the Felt TTR3 wheels quickly get you up to speed and keep you ahead of the rest.


The IA has won the Kona World Championship a staggering six times in a row!! It’s set both new bike courses and overall course records across the lava fields of Hawaii too. This bike is a triathletes dream machine.

The IA Advanced gets the full Textreme frameset that is lighter, strong, and more performance tuned at a never before seen price point. Complementing the bike is a Shimano Ultegra groupset, ISM saddle, and the new addition of the BTS storage pack to truly position you for your next big race or to start your adventure into the world of triathlon.

Felt Bicycles have invested heavily in its products, in its engineers and the designs, tools, and materials they come up with. So don’t be surprised at how light, fast, snappy, and tough a Felt bicycle can be.

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