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Elevation Gain:  885m
Distance:  102.80km
Ride time: 4-5 hours
Route profile: Rolling
Road quality: Smooth tarmac with the occasional broken patches
Traffic Level: Moderate. Traffic levels increase in Bangalore on the way back. 
Est. Moving Time 4:15:22 

A calm and scenic ride through the countryside – once you get out of the city limits; freshly laid tarmac and gradual curves, good descents, minimal traffic and greenery on either side make the ride quite a pleasant one.

The challenging climbs deliver on the “painfully blissful” part of the ride!

The ride rolls thru through village gullies and covers two state forests: Bannerghatta and Ragihalli. Do keep your eyes open around the forest area for a wide variety of birds. We saw plenty of beautiful kingfishers near one of the lakes and could hear peacocks in the distance.

calm & scenic countrysides

The route covers all sorts of terrain and some challenging climbing with the eye-popping Jigani climb at around the 70 km mark. A fantastic photo opportunity to capture the essence of this ride.

The road through the national park is nice and flowy with a few climbs. You won’t encounter much traffic in this area.

An absolute road bikers paradise!


Segments are one of Strava’s coolest features. They designate specific features or portions of a route – such as a climb, a tricky stretch of trail or part of an open-water swim. Each time you complete a segment, your time is recorded so you can compare it to previous efforts and those of your friends and other athletes.

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