Distance: 76.4km
Elevation Gain: 975m
Estimated Time To Complete: 3h 15m of riding
Route Profile: Rolling
Road Quality: Very good roads
Traffic Level: Okay. Watch out for lorries even on the inside roads. Avoid the Mysore road at all costs.

Strava Route Link: https://www.strava.com/routes/14558930
Route Start Point: BUMSONTHESADDLE Jayanagar
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Built across the Arkavathi River, the Manchanabele Dam is located around 40 km from the city of Bangalore. This is a perfect getaway location for nature lovers and cyclists of course.

The roads here are simply stunning and the views are breathtaking throughout. Manchanabele is a great place to ride to if you’re into touring on a bicycle or if you’re keen to get a fantastic workout. This is an ideal location for beginners getting to enjoy riding longer distances, and wanting to build their endurance. The area surrounding the dam itself is astoundingly beautiful; make sure you get plenty of photos. The dam and the river itself are revealed as you are descending on the final stretch (good place for a pic, be careful though). The roads are quite rolling and the heat can get to you after 10am, so make sure you have plenty of water and food along with you on this ride. Since this is a remote area, there are hardly any places to stop for food or a refill of water. There is a pathway which goes even closer to the dam waters, access to which is restricted to the public. However, if you’re lucky, the guards may allow you to enter, and you can get really close to the river itself, maybe even go in for a dip!


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