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Discipline: Road
Usage: Hybrid bike for everyday use

The Specialized Sirrus is a versatile hybrid sports bicycle delivering the perfect combination of speed and comfort. Perfect for that fast fitness ride, a comfortable work commute, and also the long weekend road ride.

With rim & disc brake options, there is a model to suit every budget. A great beginner bike that will grow as you up to your riding capability without the need to upgrade your bike.


  • Lightweight, high-quality frame that is easily upgradeable
  • Fast rolling, puncture resistant tires
  • Great handling for city riding as well as long distance rides
  • Comfortable Specialized proprietary touch points
  • A good alternative to road bike for fitness


  • Entry level components
  • Can be a bumpy ride on broken roads


The Sirrus features the Specialized proprietary A1 premium alloy frame that is super light and delivers an uber comfortable, responsive ride. Like all Specialized products, the frame geometry is highly data-driven based on thousands of men’s and women’s Retül data points from across the world. All this data collection ensures that every Sirrus has a Fitness Geometry that delivers a good balance between speed and comfort. Specialized frames are renowned to be the best in the world and offer a lifetime warranty!

We love all the small things that have been taken care of on this bike – corrosion-resistant bolts, stainless steel cables, mudguard mounts to add fenders during the rains, ample room for up to a 35mm tire, rear rack compatibility to haul your gear, reflective decals on the frame to increase low light visibility and some of the most comfortable saddles on the planet.

The lack of a front suspension can make the ride a tad uncomfortable, but this bike is ideally designed to be used on roads. Do check our review of the Specialized Crosstrail if you think you’re more likely to ride on not great roads and mud tracks.


There are 3 constant touchpoints for a rider on the bicycle i.e. saddle, handlebar grips & pedals. The rider’s weight is distributed over these three touchpoints and it’s critical that the ride is pain-free and enjoyable, even over extended distances and periods of time. If you’re constantly shifting your seating position, stopping on the roadside to relieve pain, constantly shaking your palm to destress – its time to have the saddle or your posture checked from an experienced local bike shop.

The Sirrus takes out all the guesswork as it comes already equipped with Body Geometry saddle & grips to ensure your ride is safe and comfortable. The correct saddle width along with a center cut out allows a firm seating posture without applying pressure to the sensitive groin tissue. The grips have a specific well-researched contour shape to ensure your palm are well supported and comfortable at all times. Again, both these lend to a massive ride quality difference on the Sirrus.


The Sirrus comes with a wide gear range to speed around the city and to also enjoy long road rides. All the bikes come with Shimano’s thumb shift technology which delivers comfortable, accurate shifting. All models are equipped with triple chainring drivetrains with 8-speed cassettes on the rear wheel.

The entry-level models come with a V-brake option keeping pricing accessible, while the rest of the range come equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, providing powerful & easy braking. The disc variant also provides greater stopping power in all weather conditions.


The 28inch (700C) road-sized wheels, providing rapid and easy rolling, allowing you to get to speed and maintain it over long distances. The bike comes with wide rims and tires. Wide rims give the tires greater support, which in turn provides the rider with more control over the bike and greater traction. This means you can ride the bike with lower tire pressure, increasing comfort.

The wheel is fitted with the Specialized Nimbus Reflect 32c tires. These come inbuilt with Flak Jacket protection, Specialized’s in-house puncture protection technology, to help minimize punctures while out riding. There are reflective strips on either side of the tire to boost your confidence of being visible in low light conditions.


Specialized Sirrus serves as the perfect fit for any rider looking to get around town. Due to its versatility, the Sirrus is also the perfect bicycle for a range of activities – everyday commute, long road rides over weekends, lightweight touring (3 – 6 days), off-season cross-training tool, a mode for transportation to the gym, to a training bike for serious cyclists during monsoon.

A low budget bicycle with exceptional all-around quality. Amidst a lot of similar-looking bicycles in the market, we find that Specialized has put together a vastly different bike keeping the rider and their ride experience in mind delivering massive value for money. Inbuilt reflectivity in the frame and tires, ergonomic investments in important touchpoints, wide rims equipped with good puncture-resistant tires, a proper fitness bicycle geometry to preserve comfort while delivering a fast ride – all add up to ensure that the Specialized Sirrus rides vastly different from any similar looking bicycle in the market.

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