Most of you would love to track your riding activities and measure your progress, but not able to do that because tracking gadgets cost a bomb.

Worry not!


Here is an app that allows you to record, share, and upload your activities free of cost. It is a “Social Networking” app for cyclists and runners which allows the user to track their activities and share it with the people of common interest.

If you are thinking Strava only allows you to record the activity and displays the numbers, you are missing on various other things that the app has to offer. Here are the 5 ways to take your riding to the next level by using Strava.


The segments are one of the major highlights of Strava. Many Strava users create these segments of popular roads and trails where your time is recorded and displayed on the leaderboard.

Riding in a group or a club is always fun. Strava allows you to join or create a virtual group of riders. This allows you to be more social and you stay more focused.

It is not always you get to workout outdoors, sometimes you may also workout indoor. In such situations Strava allows you to manually log your activity and share it with others.

Strava provides virtual trophy case which allows you to showcase your achievements on Strava with others.

If all the above mentioned are not enough, Strava also connects to other external wearable devices like heart rate monitor, smartwatch etc to give your training more depth.

Strava is one of the best tracking app available without putting the load on your pocket, Strava makes sure your activity is tracked and motivates you to achieve your goals. Join Strava now to connect with other likeminded riders. And don’t forget to follow us on Strava.

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