Squirt is a long-lasting wax-based ‘dry’ chain lubricant for cycling. Squirt was developed to lubricate over longer distances than conventional oil-based lubes as well as to keep the chain clean. It can be used for both off-road and on-road cycling.

Squirt’s superiority compared to other wax lubes comes from its use of a water-based formulation instead of a more volatile organic solvent.  This allows for a far higher-than-normal 40% wax-to-solvent ratio, a true wax-water emulsion that requires little shaking (if at all) and the slower-evaporating water lets the wax seep further into the chain, too.

Containing no harmful solvents, Squirt is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Since it is a fairly thin lube, it easily gets into the internal parts of the chain, where all of the chain wear actually occurs.


  • Keeps the chain clean
  • Quite as it does not attract dirt
  • Can resist mild wet conditions
  • Biodegradable


  • Shorter application interval


This lube has about the same viscosity (thickness) as a 40 weight motor oil. It flows easily and does not clog. Its medium viscosity ensures that it flows into all internal areas of the chain. With this lube, cleaning your chain will be less frequent a task. Some riders have experienced very little dirt on the chain even after 7,500 km.

On the other side, the lube is not long lasting inside the chain. As per our observation, after a fresh coat of this lube was applied, the chain runs quiet and smooth for approx. 300kms and then the chain starts to creak, as though it was running dry. So we had to reapply another coat to bring back smoothness in chain movement. As per our experience, you will have to reapply every 300 – 330 km.

We think that the Squirt wax-based chain lube is one of the best performing dry lubes out there. Not the best for rainy conditions but it just requires more frequent lubing. This lube actually does what it says and does it well, and it’s now it’s a product that we often use at our very own service center!

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