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“Dude! What a route man. How did you find this? I have ridden to Nandi a zillion times and never knew this road existed. You just took riding to Nandi to the next level”  A rider after reaching Nandi base

Tarmac Chronicles - road riding in Bangalore

The usual road to Nandi base is cluttered with smoke emitting vehicles (hate them!) and rampant riders (hate them even more). Riding our bikes on a route that had none of this — made total sense, doesn’t it?.

Tarmac Chronicles - road riding in Bangalore

The route followed the Hyderabad high way all the way till Devanahalli junction, took a left turn into winding, tree covered top, away from honking and the pushing. The final leg towards Nandi base (7km away) is where one gets to experience the typical rural culture with cattle, amused & enthusiastic kids cheering on & running along side the bike and final folks stopping us to take selfie’s

Tarmac Chronicles2 - 4

End of day we think we have completely lived up to these words: “Deviating from the regular, and restructuring the old “BOTS Airport Ride”, Tarmac Chronicles are aimed at exploring and the tarmac routes every week as a group”…..

Missed the ride? Here’s the route – https://www.strava.com/clubs/8986/group_events/73022

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