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BOTS Tarmac Chronicles - road riding in Bangalore

The first episode of the BOTS TARMAC CHRONICLES started off with a BANG this awesome Saturday Morning.

Deviating from the regular, and restructuring the old “BOTS Airport Ride”, Tarmac Chronicles are aimed at exploring and enjoying new tarmac routes every week as a group.

Tarmac Chronicles1 - road riding in Bangalore

The riders did a mix of urban-rural set up taking a deviation from the devanhalli town, and venturing into a route that leads to Buddigere. It was a perfect concoction of teeth grinding head winds, chest thumping smooth-n-fast stretches, gut rattling broken roads & yummy farm animals; along with the usual urban smoke belchers on the Airport Road.

Tarmac Chronicles1 - road riding in Bangalore

The 86km loop took around 4 hours along with a satisfying breakfast and a quick Rider Catchup(TM, pffft) session. The route was brilliant, and it was fantastic to ride together as a pack, get stronger and have a blast doing it.

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