Pedros chain lubricant - Syn lube


The Pedro’s Syn lube is one of the few super long lasting lubricants for wet riding condition.
Although it would have been awesome to test this out in a super wet area of India like Cherrapunji we are limited to Bangalore’s crazy weather.

This lube will outperform anything you tried before in harsh conditions. The staying power and extremely low friction is unique.

Once applied the chain lube lasted 2 weeks of daily commute though the city (avg 30 Km a day) with out a squeak. I close not to push it to the limit but instead went ahead and gave my chain another coating simulating what I would do with a regular chain lube. Well, at the end of the 4th week I did see quite a bit of lube collected on my chain stay.

The lube a very often compared to Phil’s “Tenacious” oil and holds its own pretty well. Considering the fact that it is a Synthetic based lubricant and has a detergent base to it not only protects the chain in “super Harsh” riding conditions it also keeps it clean from by breaking down

Syn Lube is a full synthetic lubricant designed to handle the harshest conditions. The oil is formulated with extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors and tackifiers to provide incredible wear protection, lubrication, and above all – staying power in extreme wet and muddy conditions. Unique polymer detergents also work to break down dirt protecting the surfaces of your chain.

The price to pay is more frequent cleaning of the chain is needed – but there are times when a bit of cleaning is a small price for a safe long journey in rain and mud.
Pedro’s first lube is still the best in the worst conditions! This is the product that started it all back in 1989. This break through lubricant revolutionized the entire chain lube market. Syn Lube is the preferred lubricant for any rider looking for incredible lasting performance and is loved by both mountain bikers and cyclocross riders in the worst riding conditions.


Bottom line, the original harsh conditions chain lubricant is still the best.

Available for online purchase across India thru our e-commerce store (link)

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