BBCh14 Tarmac Race #2 – 100km Road Race | Bangalore Bicycle Championships

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When: Sunday, 16 MARCH 2014
Where: International Airport Road
Reporting Time: 6:15AM
Race Start: 7:00AM
Distance: 100Kms
Race Fee: INR 300 online registration, INR400 spot registration (Students race free – flash your ID Card!)

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Here’s the route for the 100 km endurance race on the 16th.

bbch14 tarmac race 2 - 100km road event

The race will start at 7am. Get to the venue at 6-6:15am. Make sure you pre-register and digitally sign your indemnity form online, so you just have to collect your bib numbers on race day. The start/finish will be a little past the Airport toll gate.

The course goes out 50 km, you take a U-turn, and head 50 km back towards Bangalore. We head north on NH-7 with its multiple flyovers, the pace of the race being assisted by the strong ESE tailwinds this time of year. The 15 kms to the turnaround is fast, straight, mostly downhill, on wide open highway. Once you take the turn around, expect some stiff headwinds (the same winds you were enjoying on the way out) and a 15km “climb” back up to Bangalore’s elevation of ~900m (3000ft).


  • Try and get a long ride (or two) around the 3hr+ mark in this weekend
  • It will take anywhere from 2.5 to 4hrs to complete this distance
  • Drink: 600ml/hr, so that’s a minimum of 2-3 bottles
  • Eat: 200-300 Calories/hr (800-1200 kJ/hr)
  • Replenish electrolytes lost in sweat through Gatorade, Enerzal or Electral
  • The human body can, in theory, go forever, so everyone can finish this distance, provided you fuel it right
  • A banana and a bottle of water is NOT going to cut it!

More details on the awesome new BBCh website

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