The tour on the move – keeping up with the 2013 Tour de France on your Android

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le Tour on ze mobile

The 2013 edition of the Tour de France kicked off today.  Being one of the biggest most marketed cycling events out there most bikers would definitely like to stay on top of the tour.

If you have an android smartphone its pretty simple with the tons of awesome apps available on it.

Here is a short list. If you have more please do share it with us!

  • Skoda Tour de france – All real time details of the race – classification and race results too 
  • Tour de France routes 2013 – Check out every detail of all the climbs and routes of the Tour de France 2013 and know exactly how the course looks like
  • Tour de France Tour Tracker – Follow the 2013 Tour de France with the Skoda Tour Tracker, the official Tour de France application that gives you in depth access and analysis of every aspect of the world’s biggest and most exciting cycling race. From live video to GPS tracking, you can be part of the race action no matter where you are
  • Tour de France 2013 – the Official Game – Enjoy the thrill of the world’s most popular cycling race and face the stars of the peloton
  • Tour de France 2013 Wallpaper
  • Tour de France 2013 Theme

There you go. This list should completely set you up for keeping up with the awesome 2013 edition of the Tour de France.

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