BOTS movie nite – Chasing Legends

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Like every form of racing, road racing too has distinct elements, speed strategy and teamwork, whose beauty needs to be experienced to fully understand why this is one of the hardest sports out there – simple and complex at the same time.

Chasing Legends has captured this beautifully and is one of the best biking movies we have ever seen.

We thought this would be a perfect movie to watch as the next race at the awesome Bangalore Bicycle Championships is a road event. Hopefully this will pump us all up to ride harder !

When: 9 Apr 2011 (saturday evening)

Time: 6:30pm start (its a 1.5hrs movie)

Where: BOTS terrace (make sure you get directions before hand)

Friends and family are more than welcome. We typically sit out on the terrace, so it might be a tad chilly.

Its always a BYOB event – the partier the atmosphere, the merrier.

We also have the event on Facebook, incase you want to sign up there.

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