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Yehuda Moon works at the Kickstand Cyclery, lives on his bicycle and dreams of a day when everyone does likewise.

The strip chronicles the on road and retail adventures of Yehuda Moon. Yehuda owns a bike shop, the Kickstand Cyclery, with his friend Joe, and the two are confronted with the challenges presented by their daily bicycle commute and the customers (or lack thereof) at the bike shop.

The strips are awesome and a must read for any biker :)

Yehuda Moon - book 1

These guys recently released their first hard copy and we got a couple over for other bikers who dream of owning one of these :)

The book is priced the same – Rs 670 (15$)

Courier would be extra depending on where you stay.

Do email us at if you would like to own one.

We do have the book at the BOTS biking library, and your definitely welcome to swing by and check it out too.

More details
  • The Main site (you can read the strips online)
  • The first volume
  • Embrocation Cycling Journal, another awesome cycling journal @ Rs 500 only !

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