Transitions in the Bangalore Duathlon

Rohan Kini Triathlon

Transitions are touted as the 4th sport in a Triathlon – apart from Running, Swimming and Bicycling. A slow transition can add minutes to your overall time and kill your ranking.

The above video has some interesting points on how to handle transitions effectively. All contenstants in the upcoming Bangalore Duathlon should go over the video so that they can handle this section efficiently and optimize on time.

Things to keep in mind.

Racking your bike

There will be racking infrastructure to hang your bicycle, like you see in the video. Ensure you take some time before the race to identify your section/bike and ensure all items are in place as planned.

Getting your bike in the correct gear

Dont keep the bicycle in a high gear. You need torque when you want to start off and a low gear is what achieves this. Figure out whats a comfortable gear for you and keep the bike ready in that particular gear ratio.

Helmet and sunglasses placement
  • Helmet – ensure that the clips are working and that the straps are not entangled. Keep the helmet on the handle bar.
  • Riding glasses – keep them in the helmet.
  • Water – ensure you keep water etc on the bicycle, if you need it.

There are a couple of water points along the duathlon route – but the organizers have kept it a little off the run/cycle route. This is done keeping safety in mind. Quite a few international duathlons have witnessed accidents in this area with amateur bikers braking unknowingly while reaching out for water. Which means – if you need water on the ride – carry it. Dont waste time reaching out for water in the watering point.

Things to avoid in transition
  • Keep the area nice and tidy. Dont mess up the space and spoil the fun for others.
  • You cannot ride inside the area. You would need to push your bike to the area outside the transition area before you can get onto your saddle.
  • Everyone is competing – be nice to the other participants and show your sportive spirit in case there are issues in this cramped area.

another nice video on transitions

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