Lubricating the chain

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Happiness is a clean bike really really dirty One of the fastest ways to make sure your nice new shiny bicycle is converted into a piece of junk is to oil it, incorrectly. When oil and dirt mix up they form a deadly combination which is abrasive in nature. Lubricating a bike is very important, but the key is to …

The Trek 4300

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The Trek 3700 is the basic aluminium model that is available in India and its hardly any surprise that this is the model that BumsOnTheSaddle has sold the most, for various reasons. Back on a bicycle after ages, scared to pick up a more expensive model highly recommended by others in some forums budget constraints no other bike to compare …

an Article on Cycling in India

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BumsOnTheSaddle recently appeared on a Front page article on The Telegraph, apparently a very popular popular newspaper in the North East. Click to check out the article

a week of riding around on the Trek 3700

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Currently Trek has only aluminum frames available in India, of which the 3700 is the most basic model on offer. The bike is not flashy, which is good. But if you look a little closely you notice stuff that should get your heart racing, if you are a biking enthusiast in India. Good components have finally made an entrance into …