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While this blog might not have received too much attention the last few weeks, its far from reality in the real world.
Its been a hectic couple of weeks at BumsOnTheSaddle leaving us with no time at all to talk about all the goodness and the fun !

  • New brands at BOTSthe last couple of weeks saw Cannondale, Bianchi and Kona all being available at BumsOnTheSaddle
  • Engineering new products/services/ideas (some a secret, some not such a secret)
  • Redoing the bike space – will post up pics soon
  • Lots of community building – more educative session being planning, movie nights, new communities etc
    and much much more

Each of these bullet points deserve a separate post. And we promise to do so soon.

So whats exciting this month ?


The Hercules BSA Cyclathon is this weekend. One of the better marketed events around – with all kinds of people all ready to ride their hearts out.

Although we don’t have any part to play in organizing/running the Cyclathon, it feels good to know that BumsOnTheSaddle played a very important part in laying the foundation for this and other cycling infrastructure that’s starting up across the country.

Definitely feels good to receive email from all over the country saying tat they love what we do. Yay !

Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Race 6 of the Bangalore Bicycle Championships is on the 18th (next weekend)

10% off on Helmets and Gloves

With all these biking events around the corner, we want bikers to ride hard and more importantly ride safe – and are offering a 10% discount on all helmets and gloves tomorrow. Come get your stuff !

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