The Bicycle Mayor program is part of a global initiative by Amsterdam based NGO, BYCS to promote bicycle-friendly policy initiatives in the hopes of achieving 50% of a city’s transport through bicycle by the year 2030. Know more about the Bicycle Mayor Program in India Bicycle Mayors are the human face and voice of cycling advocacy in a city, and […]


The cycling accessories market wasn’t all that hip 75 years ago… That is, until Blackburn was born! The Blackburn brand name was brought into existence by, Jim Blackburn. Blackburn brought industrial design to cycling & set a new standard for the industry which meant designing from the user’s perspective and showing respect for materials and […]


Cervelo is a Canadian manufacturer of road racing and track bicycles. They make some of the most sought after bicycles in the world. Cervelo isn’t just any other ordinary bicycle manufacturer. They’re known to create top-end machines with a racing pedigree that is tried, tested, and even used by much-acclaimed professional cyclists. From the very beginning, in 1995, Cervelo bikes […]

A race ready bicycle

While you are training hard to get respectable timings, its a good idea to ensure your bicycle is race-ready too. With over a year of experience in providing Start Line Support at races & brevets, we at BOTS Tech have compiled a list of top bicycle maintenance tips to ready your bicycle for the day […]


From the makers of some of the best groupsets and bike components in the world – Campagnolo; comes a company by the name of Fulcrum. Fulcrum is fairly new in the market, the company was founded in July 2004 and is based in Arcugnano, Italy. Campagnolo themselves have been making wheels for quite some time […]


Strava has this real cool app to check how cycling/running has grown across 2014 & 2015 (link) Really good to see that much more blue & red across India. Plus new hot spots popping up.

The Cyclist(s): A Specialized family who commutes in Bangalore City

One of the perks of running a bike shop is meeting all kinds of crazy awesome people! Trust us, cyclists are awesome! “The Cyclist” – is a series of writeup’s on some of these bikers who inspire the heck out of us! Shyam and Lakshmi are both recent converts and the primary use of their bicycles is commute – […]

Lets go on a Sunday morning ride and have couple of shots!

The Sunday morning ride is getting healthier and tastier. We are going to be riding 20 kms to have couple of organic wheat grass shots. This 30ml shot is a rich source of chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. At the same time, it has super-strong flavors of different herbs and leaves. We will be […]