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The Konas have arrived !

While we love our Treks, we try hard to ensure we peddle bicycling, rather than a bicycle or a brand.

Its THE reason why BumsOnTheSaddle was started a couple of years back. Having all the best brands in the country under one roof makes life so much easier for the biker. Throw in some kick-ass service, very nice people and a very non-commercial dont-push-bikes-down-your-throat environment, and you have one of the best bike stores in the Country !

Since these were some of the first few Kona to get off the shelves, there was no time to do a proper technical review [ folks bought em even before we had a chance to ride em :( ]

Somethings that really stood out

Attention to detailevery bike comes with a small vial of paint, to touch up incase the bike gets scratched. Sweeeet

Paintjobreally nice paint job I must say

The bike also came in a really cool funky looking cardboard box ! Very very artistic.

We opened just the Smoke and the Dew – and both seemed to be really nice bikes. Decent components and a really smooth ride.

For more info (until we update the Konas on the BumsOnTheSaddle site)

Official Website: http://www.konaworld.com

Kona on Twitter http://twitter.com/Konaworld

Kona on Facebook:

Kona Smoke (view complete set here)

Kona Dew (view complete set here)

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