The Sunday morning ride is getting healthier and tastier. We are going to be riding 20 kms to have couple of organic wheat grass shots. This 30ml shot is a rich source of chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. At the same time, it has super-strong flavors of different herbs and leaves. We will be starting from HRC @ 07: 40 am and do a ride of 40 kms or more.

The first 20 Kms is going to be a chilled ride wherein you get to know the fellow rider, tell him about your fun stories on the bike. We reach Health Zingo around 09:00 am. If the wheat grass shots doesn’t interest you, you can have yummy traditional idlis and healthy paratas. Post breakfast, we are going to ride a bit harder and pushing your limits.

Start Point – Hard Rock Cafe, MG Road

Breakfast Point – Health Zingo, Bellandur.

End PointBumsonthesaddle, Jayanagar

Start Time – 07:40 am

End Time – 10:30 am (approx).

We would like you to :

– Wear a helmet

– Carry a water bottle

– Cash for your breakfast

– A nice lock to lock your awesome bike

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