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For bike owners the world over, finding the best way to store one’s bike at home or at work has often been challenging. Most cyclists will be forced to park their bikes outside and in public places because they lack the appropriate space inside their residence or workplace.

While most cyclists end up just placing the bicycle on a wall – we all know how irritating tire marks can be and the danger (and associated costs) of damaging your bike with a fall is quite real. Plus it takes up a lot of wall/room space which is quite irritating.

The Hornit Clug is now available in India!

HORNIT, the makers of the acclaimed db140 bike horn, has come to the rescue with an ingeniously small, and easy to install bike rack that allows users to store their bikes vertically wherever they choose with only one piece of plastic needing installation.

The Hornit Clug – the World’s smallest bike rack!


Billed as the world’s smallest bike rack, Hornit’s CLUG is a nifty little injection-moulded piece of sturdy plastic with a sculpted interior. The CLUG hugs the tyre you slot into its recess and gets a bike out of the way, or could form a system to enable several bikes to be stored, rather than just leaning in a heap.

Clug offers its miniature bike racks in 5 sizes for adult bikes.

  • CLUG MTBMTB TIRES (44mm-57mm)


Weighing in at 35g, the CLUG arrives as two pieces of moulded plastic, with two screws (8mm) and plastic plugs. It’s designed for use on stone, brick and concrete walls – fitting one on a plasterboard wall is not recommended

Make Sure to Get The Right Size for Your Bike Tire!

Make sure you do not destroy the packaging while opening the product, as it is actually required for the fitting process, as it features a printed template designed to make marking the drill holes correctly.

The CLUG needs to be positioned at the correct height for each bike, to ensure that the rear wheel will touch the ground, so that the floor is actually taking the weight of your machine. This could present a problem if you’re frequently swapping bikes.

Store Vertically or Horizontally as per your Convenience!

It’s also possible to store bikes horizontally, with both wheels on the ground and the rear clasped by the CLUG, though this is more of a one bike storage solution and will take up more floor space.

The only drawback to this system is that it requires the tires to maintain their shape and pressure. As when the tires start to deflate, the clamp no longer grips the bike sufficiently to hold it.

So we advise that if your bike is stored for long periods of time, you remove the bike and pump up your tires from time to time.

The CLUG is a handy storage solution which can turn your pride and joy into a wall feature. You do need to keep on top of tyre pressure, but a little off-season maintenance never did any bike any harm, anyway.

We love it and we definitely recommend every rider has 1 piece to get the bike off their walls.

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