For cyclists today, staying on top of one’s nutrition and physical wellbeing is one of the hardest things to maintain. To keep your body performing at its best, a regular supply of nutrients, vitamins and recovery apparel is a must.

You can find supplements and workout apparel from a wide range of brands, on a plethora of marketplaces.

We feel that UNIVED is changing the nutrition space by offering the most sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives to conventional supplements.


UNIVED is a nutraceutical and apparel company that is focused on making innovative, natural, vegan dietary supplements, and healthcare products that are inspired by nature and based on research.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Founder and CEO Amit Mehta grew up in an environment that kindled his interest in sports and nutrition.

UNIVED is the first nutraceutical or dietary supplement brand in India to pursue an entirely vegan line of products. Their products are certified by the Vegan Society – UK, PETA India and the food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI).


Here’s a quick look of their product lineup which we feel is perfect for cyclists.

  1. Unived RRuNN Pre Energy Mix
  2. Unived Caffeinated Salt Caps
  3. Unived Coffee for Athletes
  4. Unived Calf Compression Sleeve
  5. Unived Elite Gel
  6. Unived Elite Recovery Mix
  7. Unived Race & Recovery Compression Socks
  8. Unived RRUNN Ultra Butter
  9. Unived Elite Drink Mix

1. UNIVED RRUNN Pre-Energy Mix

RRUNN Pre is a pre-workout energy mix with a blend of simple and complex, high-glycemic and low-glycemic carbohydrates.

By consuming RRUNN Pre 15 minutes before your run, you have instant energy for a great start, and sustained, slow release of energy that stays with you for the long haul.

Have 15 Mins Before Your Activity for Sustained Energy

It’s available in Orange, Watermelon, and Green Tea (Caffeinated) flavours. These contain no artificial flavours, no preservatives, are natural, gluten-free and vegan.


Caffeinated Salt Caps are electrolyte capsules with a unique formulation that delivers the full-spectrum of vital electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium).

A Must for Endurance Athletes!

It also has vitamin D3 to sustain optimal bone health and immune function, and caffeine for enhanced alertness during intense endurance activities like ultramarathons, brevets, and triathlons.


UNIVED’s Coffee for Athletes is a unique combination of 100% Arabica Coffe and isomaltulose to boost focus, concentration, and fat oxidation – leading to better athletic performance.

Not Only Great for Atheltes, but a Kickass Coffee in General!

The coffee is a dark roast full city+ finely ground coffee, grown at 4000ft AMSL in the Chikmagalur region of Karnataka. Isomaltulose is a complex carbohydrate clinically proven to enhance fat oxidation and ensure a balanced energy supply without peaks and drops in the blood glucose response curve.

The Coffee is also kickass a day to day coffee, supplying you with a kick of caffeine as well as a slow-release carbohydrate to endure you start strong and sustain long!


The Calf Compression Sleeve comes with UNIVED’s proprietary UNIRIB structure for performance grade calf support and vibration absorption.

20-30 mmHg of Graduated Compression!

It’s progressive 20-30 mmHg graduated compression helps increase circulation, which can help prevent shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and common overuse injuries, which are typical issues faced by cyclists.


Each pack of Elite Gel is comprised of clinically proven 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates, sporting 190kcal per gel, with Beta-alanine, Sodium Bicarbonate, and essential Electrolytes.

Used By Many of the World’s Leading Athletes!

UNIVED’s famous water-based consistency, light, refreshing, and scientifically formulated for peak performance. Co-developed with World Champion Camille Herron and Elite Train Runner Hayden Hawks, this is the best on the go source of energy that cyclists can carry easily while out ono any type of ride.


UNIVED’s Elite Recovery Mix is a superior formulation that uses the clinically proven 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, along with key phytonutrients such as KSM-66 & Curcumin, which have substantial clinical evidence to verify their key role in the recovery process.

4:1 ratio of Carbohydrate to Protein! Solid Stuff!

The Recover Mix facilitates glucose-mediated transport of salt and water into the body. It also facilitates muscle fiber repair, lean muscle development, and protein synthesis.


UNIVED’s full-length compression socks sport 3D DOTS technology which offers multidirectional support to the Achilles tendon helps absorb arch vibration and extends the maximum grip for shoes. Although this feature is geared around runners, the compression offered is great for post cycle recovery to prevent swelling.

Breathable, Long-Lasting Compression, for a Swift Recovery Post Ride/Run!

Its UNRIB progressive 20-30mmHg graduated compression helps increase circulation, which can help prevent shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and common overuse injuries.


Ultra Butter is a liquid food, that is made with raw & wholesome nuts and dry-fruits. The recipe for Ultra Butter has been designed to replicate the natural carbohydrate to fat to protein ratio that is found in nuts.

The Ultimate Food for Ultra-Marathons, long hikes, long rides, or any other adventure.

This is natures optimal ration to fuel endurance athletes who are on the road for the long haul, be it on a long ride or even a triathlon.


The Unived Elite line of products have been formulated for activities lasting greater than two hours. The Unived Elite Drink Mix have the same optimal 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates.

Both offer you 30 grams of simple carbohydrates, and 15 grams of complex carbohydrates, for a total of 45 grams of carbohydrates, and 190kcal, per serving. 

We think UNIVED’s range of supplements and compression apparel is a game-changer in the space. Their vegan, cruelty-free and high-quality products are raising the bar in an already competitive market.

Being based in India, UNIVED is already on track to dominate international markets such as the United States, where their world-class products are revolutionising the vegan movement within the athletic world.

So if you’re looking to supplement your nutrition with products that are top of the line, reasonable priced and environmentally responsible, there simply isn’t anything better.

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