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Say Hello to Bhavana Krishna, a 20-year-old Commerce student from St. Joseph’s College participating in the internship program at BUMSONTHESADDLE.

While Bhavana is not really an avid cyclist, she still decided to go ahead and apply for the internship program at a cycling company as she felt there was a lot to learn and a lot to get inspired by.

Our internship programs are short 6 months stints to enable enthusiastic and motivated individuals to have an opportunity to work alongside seasoned employees creating value for our customers across India. Expect little handholding, full-on deep-dive into learning to create value in a professional work environment – something every intern who has spent time with us cherishes and finds immensely useful as they head onto professional careers. Many actually spend more than just one 6-month stint with us.

For us, it’s great to have fresh blood and enthusiasm on our teams – all working together to create more cycling in India. While there might not be a lot of prior experience, there is definitely no lack of each intern adding massive value to the teams he or she works with.

Bhavana worked along with our e-commerce team to streamline platform operations and ensuring our product catalogs were perfect.

Bhavana at our Bangalore Bike Shop

Since her internship, Bhavana has started cycling more (yay!) and we hope that this habit sticks post her stint.

Keen to Work at BUMSONTHESADDLE? Email us at jobs@bumsonthesaddle.com

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