The only point of contact that your bike has with the ground is its tires. Tires not only keep your bike grounded but also provide you with traction, comfort, and speed. Tires are a super important aspect of any bike, which is why it’s important to ensure that your bicycle tires are of the best possible quality. There are a limited number of high-quality tires available -,, especially in India. One of these highly reputed manufacturers is “Challenge“. Challenge is an Italian bicycle tire manufacturer that is well known for its handmade tire lineup – gravel and cyclocross tires are their specialties, with many professional athletes using Challenge tires for their races.

Challenge is one of the very few bicycle tire manufacturers who make handmade tires with natural rubber rather than artificially produced petroleum-based rubber which is often used in cheaper tires. Apart from the tire tread, Challenge also pays close attention to the tire casing. A high-quality tire casing will provide more grip, comfort, and speed than compared to other tires. Carefully selected materials are used in each of the different tires depending on the type of use and performance required.
Soft, supple casings adapt shape quickly while cornering and rolling. This increases road surface contact, grip and improves shock absorption over bad road surfaces. Soft, natural rubber treads are combined with lightweight, flexible puncture protection.

Challenge offers clincher or tubular options for Road, Gravel, and Cyclo-Cross. Their range is rapidly expanding too.

It’s always nice to get yourself a nice new pair of shoes. Investing in a pair of Challenge tires ensures a similar feel – the best comfort, performance, and overall ride experience.

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