Hong Jin Crown (HJC) – Probably one of the most well-known motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world – HJC has been making helmets since 1971. Highly praised in the field of motorcycle helmets, HJC is recognized for its long history of helmet production involving advanced material construction, strength, and lightweight performance. HJC is heavily involved in MotoGP racing as the title sponsor of several major races over the past years.

May 2018 is when HJC decided to get into bicycle helmet manufacturing as well. They introduced their road cycling portfolio with 4 different helmets. HJC is also currently sponsoring the Lotto Soudal team. HJC’s extensive expertise developing helmets for aerodynamics and ventilation at higher speed applications helped them bring that down to cycling speeds. HJC has its own wind tunnel, and that’s where all their road helmets are tested and designed during R&D.

HJC road helmet lineup –

  • FURION 2.0 – An aero road helmet isn’t just about being slippery in the wind, but minimizing drag while maximizing both intake & exhaust. HJC’s new Furion aero helmet outperforms other market leaders in drag, while also using an advanced design internal channel system to match them on ventilation.
  • IBEX 2.0 – The Ibex road helmet is an ultra-lightweight and comfortable helmet designed to provide optimal ventilation. Its unique shape improves aerodynamics and allows it to evacuate heat more quickly. The helmet is perfectly suited for intense effort and hot weather conditions.
  • VALECO – The Valeco is a modern, aerodynamic and perfectly ventilated helmet, weighing only about 30 grams more than its bigger sibling, HJC’s Ibex. The helmet’s 12 ventilation holes will keep your head cool in any situation.
  • ADWATT – Using the HJC ADWATT time trial helmet, Victor Campenaerts and the LOTTO SOUDAL UCI World tour team beat the UCI HOUR RECORD in April 2019. The Adwatt was designed through enhanced wind tunnel testing to improve its drag force performance on the track.

Being the #1 helmet manufacturer in the world for over 17 years, HJC has a legacy to nurture. HJC invests heavily in design and development in a variety of categories. HJC has been striving to make some of the highest performing, most lightweight and most aerodynamic helmets. HJC helmets are now available in India at BUMSONTHESADDLE. Head on over to the website to check out some of the coolest, most comfortable and incredibly safe helmets.

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