Apace is a fast-growing sports apparel brands specializing in functional activewear for Running, Cycling and Triathlon. As a brand there is good emphasis on product quality and functionality as they understand that a well designed product is of utmost importance to their customer.

Their Triathlon lineup is a new offering keeping in mind the increased level of interest in this sport in the country.

What’s a tri-suit?

Transitions between stages in a triathlon are an important aspect and are often overlooked in training as time wasted during transitions can severely affect finishing time. Precious seconds can be saved with the use of a tri-specific suit. A tri-suit or triathlon suit is a garment made specifically for all three stages of a triathlon. They usually come in two styles – a unibody design/one-piece and a two-piece suit which has separate top and bottom. The suit is meant to be worn through all three stages without a change, hence saving valuable time.

Why do I need a tri-suit?

Tri-suits save you a considerable amount of time between transitions as clothing does not need to be changed between sports. The material is highly breathable and stretchable to aid freedom of movement in all directions. Tri-suits also have specially designed chamois (the padding in shorts) that provides comfort and keeps the suit lightweight. Also, water absorption is minimal and hence does not become soggy and heavy after the all-important T1 transition.


The company offers both a Tri Suit as well as a triathlon short and jersey combination. They offer men and women’s lineup, where the major difference is just color options for the athlete. Good sizing options, very good price points, and good construction are the main differentiators.


A sleek, comfortable and lightweight tri-suit that delivers a snug aero fit for all your triathlon or Ironman races. The Apace Tri-suit features a quick-wicking, lightweight fabric that has been developed specifically with triathletes and professional racers needs in mind.

The 4-way stretchable fabric allows for unrestricted movement in all directions. The suit also has powerbands on the sleeves and the knee hems that ensure a tight, body-hugging fit at all times. The suit has a total of 4 shake-proof pockets, 2 on the back and 2 on both sides on the legs for storage of nutritional items and other devices that an athlete may need.

A full-length zipper ensures additional comfort and ventilation. The Berenis Cancun pad (Foam density: 110 kg/m3) is designed to offer maximum performance in terms of protection, comfort, and freedom of movement thanks to a minimal volume construction. High breathability and a quick-drying nature have also been achieved thanks to the superfine microfibre fabric and perforated foam.

Ideal for cycling, running and swimming in all climatic conditions be it hot or cold.

High visibility, reflective logos have been placed on the front and the back of the suit.


A step up from Apaces’s previous bestseller, the new Apace Verge is your best bet for a pair of high-quality tri-short at a great price point. The Verge provides a lot more features than the competition in its category. The shorts have a really wide powerband on the thigh region to keep the shorts in place throughout the events. Comfort is taken care of. by the Berenis Cancun Triathlon pad which also does duty in the tri-suit.

Apace Verge Triathlon Shorts

A proper fit in tri-specific clothing is essential. This is ensured by a high-quality elastic waistband and adjustable drawstrings for a snug fit. The inseam comes with separate padding to prevent chafing. Two handy shake-proof pockets keep your belongings safe in the shorts.


Apace Verge Triathlon Jersey

The Verge Triathlon Jersey is a top of the line competition fabric that is comfortable and manages to deliver high performance. A full-length zipper allows for an easy On/Off transition. Two large pockets at the back of the jersey are ample to store gels, bars, water bottles, and phones. A silicon hem has been provided on the lower half to prevent the jersey from slipping up with movement. Sufficient ventilation is also provided by mesh liners on either side to help with sweat absorption and cooling.


Apace’s latest triathlon clothing lineup offers a one-piece tri suit as well as two-piece jersey/short combos in men and women-specific options with good sizing options (ranging from XS-XL) at good entry-level price points. The lineup is not only affordable but well-engineered with stretchable breathable fabrics, and premium Italian triathlon pads.

The Apace triathlon collection is ideal for recreational and serious triathletes.

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