It’s great to see a lot of riders jump onto Mountain Bikes nowadays. A very versatile bike option – people use it for riding trails, for commuting to work, for long distance road rides (!!!) and for the occasional ride around town.

While basic service and upkeep is absolutely necessary, all mountain bikes worth their salt have a basic to advanced suspension systems which require regular maintenance to ensure the ride quality is awesome, the rider is safe and to prevent wear of expensive suspension components.

Here are 4 videos that explain the basics of bicycle suspension, regular service options that need to be performed and some simle DIY tips for you to take care of your suspension at home.

Our mechanics might look a tad threatening and thug-gy – but these are 4 quick and informative videos that are a must see for every mountain biker to understand the basics of bicycle suspensions.


Video talks about

  • What is a suspension?
  • Types of suspension
  • Different Suspension for Different Disciplines


Video talks about

  • Front fork anatomy
  • Rear shock anatomy
  • Suspension Adjustment and Function Options


Video talks about

  • Why service your suspension
  • What happenes when you service my forks?
  • What happens when you service my rear suspension?


Video shares basic Suspension maintenance tips.

We hope that was fun! Stay tuned for more articles from our Bike Mechanics.

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