Rupert Fernandes - working at BUMSONTHESADDLE

I am Rupert Lawrence Fernandes, a Software Engineer by degree and a passionate cyclist.
Worked as a Software Engineer at SAP Labs and Hindustan Unilever Limited.

After working with SAP Labs, I continued to work with an NGO – Association of people for disability as a mathematics and dance teacher for the betterment of differently abled kids for 2 years, trying to create an impact on society by educating kids. I successfully admitted Master Mohan to St Joseph’s Indian High School!

As a passionate cyclist, I started cycling only in June 2016, when I purchased a mountain bike – a Specialized Rockhopper from BUMSONTHESADDLE (BOTS)!  I immediately completed the Manali-Leh expedition, the Spiti valley expedition and the Great Malnad Challenge, a mountain biking tour in Karnataka. I also rode from Bangalore to Mysore every weekend. As you can see, I loved riding my bike.

To deep dive into this new found passion, I decided to get myself a road bike – a Specialized Tarmac, this was a beautiful performance carbon road machine. There was no looking back! I completed the Bangalore Brevet series – 200kms, 300kms, 400kms, and 600kms and earned the much-coveted title of a Super Randonuneur(SR).

Apart from these longer rides and events – I enjoy commuting to work and have been commuting the past 8 months.

Football is another passion and I am a big fan of Manchester United.

To deep dive into my passion, I decided to switch careers and join the cycling industry. I applied at the very place which kicked off all these adventures – BOTS. I currently work as a Bike Specialist at BUMSONTHESADDLE and work out of their bike shops, sharing my passion and building opportunities to get more people on bikes. It’s amazing to be amidst bikes and talk about bikes all the time – with riders, new cyclists, and colleagues. I would like to put many riders on the saddle and make sure maximum people start commuting to work by bike. I want to bring about a change in the cycling community soon and change the perspective of everyone towards cycling.

Well, my future plans would be breaking the golden quadrilateral Guinness record and also take part in the RAAM (Race Across America).

“Endurance is my thing”

Well that’s about me ☺




Our mission is to get everyone excited about riding bikes. To build spaces and seed communities to share our passion every single day and not wait for weekends to dabble in it.

Yes. BUMSONTHESADDLE is not a simple day job. Passion is hard work maybe, but a great ride for sure.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to put people on bikes, wishes to make a difference and are consumed by the bicycling industry, welcome home! We’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email –

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WHAT I LOVE ABOUT CYCLING I love riding my bike. Whether it's a simple commute, a high-intensity road race, a jaw-grinding brevet, fixie rides thru packed Indian city or a kick-ass technical single track – I love it all. Apart from riding bicycles, I love being all geeky and know everything there is to know about bicycles, technology, bike fit, and service. I started BUMSONTHESADDLE to share this passion for cycling. DISCIPLINE: Partial towards MOUNTAIN BIKING but love it all CURRENT BIKE(S): Specialized Rockhopper, Specialized Tarmac, Pure Cycles Original DREAM BIKE: S-Works Epic HT & S-Work Roubaix OTHER PASSIONS: Technology, Photography, Baking, Travel, and Reading

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