We love bicycles, and at BUMSONTHESADDLE we aim to share this passion with as many people as possible. Biking to Work can be one of the simplest things most Bangaloreans can do to kick off a fantastic day. The BOTS “Wheels of Change” project aims to get more people biking to work via corporate workshops, partnerships, events and simply sharing the joy of cycling to work!

Want to be a part of the Wheels of Change team? Shoot us an email – support@bumsonthesaddle.com

Mohan Subramanyam’s father used to commute around the city on a bicycle and this was the only vehicle at their home for a very long time – inspiration is always around, it is your choice to draw energy from it. Mohan gifted himself a bicycle on his 41st birthday and has been flying around the city on his bicycle ever since!


His first ‘ride to work’ was in 2008 at Beijing when he went onsite for work. It was 10KM commute with beautiful roads and organized traffic and he fell in love with the city and cycling. Mohan brought his love for cycling back to Bangalore. He rides a Trek 3700 and records a distance of 35km every day.

Mohan strongly believes that the bicycle is the easiest and fastest means of commuting within Bangalore city. Cycling to work has helped him maintain discipline and build confidence. It has become his energy shot for the day when he reaches work and again once he rides back home. Cycling moments he cherishes are riding in the rain, zipping through water logged traffic jam packed roads and the stop overs at the tapri chai guy and chomping hot mirchi bhajjis. Absolute nirvana.

The simple infrastructure his office provides is something Mohan appreciates – a dedicated cycle parking and a shower facility. From being the only bicycle commuter at this office, to now more than five inspired colleagues who regularly commute on bicycle, Mohan hopes to see motorbikes being replaced with bicycles in his office.

One of the most humble and down to earth endurance cyclists we know, Mohan has ridden thru most South Indian cities and currently aims to explore North India as well. Mohan recently completed a 1200km endurance ride in Goa and is is looking forward to crack the toughest Brevet ride in India – Bliss in the Hills, which kicks off from Bangalore. Apart from cycling, Mohan enjoys watching movies a lot! He recalls a childhood memory of his father taking him on bicycle to watch English movies regularly.

Thank you Mohan for being awesome and spreading the joy of cycling!


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